Wilson Marshall & Taylor believes that a client's interests are best served by experienced lawyers who develop long-term relationships with the individuals and entities they represent. This means that our clients don't experience the "lawyer shuffling" and over-staffing commonly experienced at larger law firms with large numbers of young lawyers and high turnover.

We also spend time whenever possible onsite at client facilities in order to broaden our understanding of the client's products and technology as they evolve. We are often invited to participate in product demonstrations, attend trade shows, and generally stay closely involved with the development of our clients' business on a regular basis. Wilson Marshall & Taylor has served as counsel to domestic and international technology driven clients in a wide variety of fields – ASP's, ASIC developers, biotechnology suppliers, consulting services, hardware and software developers, IT integrators, and web-based service providers.

In addition to providing top quality legal services, we also serve as a resource for networking our clients with other individuals and entities that may be of assistance to them. Our firm has an extensive network of accountants, consultants, counsel who specialize in areas such as patent prosecution, employment and tax, insurers, investors, and other individuals here in the Silicon Valley, and we are always pleased to be able to aid our clients through these relationships. Our attorneys are also actively involved in local arts, charity, youth sports, and community organizations.