Corporate representation

We have represented hundreds of corporations over the past two decades, in virtually every field of endeavor. We have extensive expertise in the creation of corporate, partnership, joint venture and limited liability company structures, as well as the issuance of founder's stock, the adoption of stock option and other equity plans, and the related securities compliance procedures required in such projects. We also have extensive experience with equity and debt financings of all types, including "bootstrap" financings, angel financings, multi-round venture capital financings, and strategic partner relationships, including investments and purchase options. In addition, we have considerable expertise with all forms of business acquisitions, including mergers, asset sales, stock sales, and ancillary agreements relating to the foregoing such as indemnity agreements, non-competition agreements and employment agreements.

Technology driven transactions

Most of our clients' businesses derive revenues through leveraging the innovations they create. This can be accomplished in many ways; to maximize value, our strategic planning services typically involve identifying the client's intellectual property, determining what steps should be taken to protect such property, and assisting the client in developing a plan for monetizing such property. We play an important role in structuring, negotiating and memorializing licensing, development, and related transactional documents, including:

Hardware: development agreements; distribution agreements; value-added reseller agreements; OEM agreements; equipment loan agreements; semiconductor technology licensing agreements; and volume purchase agreements.

Software: click wrap agreements; shrink wrap agreements; development agreements; distributor agreements; evaluation (beta) agreements; software development kit agreements; and software escrow agreements.

Internet: development agreements; hosting agreements; ASP agreements; co-branding agreements; cross-linking agreements; advertising agreements; web content licensing agreements; online store fulfillment agreements; co-location agreements; and roaming agreements.

Life Sciences: patent and know-how license agreements; collaboration agreements; and strategic partner agreements.

Intellectual Property

We provide advice and counsel in identifying and protecting our clients' intellectual property through trade secret protection, domestic and international trademark and copyright registration, as well as working closely with patent counsel selected by the client or through our referral. We advise on all types of transactions involving IP assets.


We provide advice to companies and individuals with a focus on anticipating and preventing workplace problems. Our services include advice on employment applications and background investigations; contracts, including commission agreements, consulting, and independent contractor agreements, personnel handbooks, employment problems related to sales, acquisitions, and mergers, and privacy issues. We also provide advice on employee matters, including trade secret protection and misappropriation, covenants not to compete and proprietary information agreements. We frequently advise executives on employment and separation agreements.

Real Estate

We serve clients in a wide variety of real estate transactions, including purchase and sale transactions for commercial properties, shopping centers, multi-unit residential buildings and raw land, financings, foreclosures, evictions, premises liability, governmental regulation, property tax issues, single purpose entity formation; and commercial leasing, with an emphasis on retail and office space.